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Watch Repair Services and Pricing

Watchtyme uses state-of-the-art equipment, however, still utilizing old school techniques. Watchtyme is a SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) business. Whether your watch needs a full watch service and refurbishment or simply a new leather strap, our expert Watchmakers are here to help with your watch service. On this page, you can view the many different Watch Services & Pricing I offer.
I offer free estimates. If you’re not nearby, why not drop your watch in the post, but, please do contact me beforehand for details.
These prices represent the cost range for the most common watch repairs. The specific estimate for your watch repair may vary from this list due to the make and model of your watch and the exact repair needed.

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Watch Service

When servicing your watch at Watchtyme we fully strip the movement and every individual part is inspected for wear. The movement is then ultrasonically cleaned. If any parts are required, original factory parts will be fitted. The movement is then assembled and oiled as required. On average, I use 4 to 5 different types of oil per watch, and some watches require more. Each oil and grease has their own use (viscosity). When completed the watch is timed in six positions and kept on test for 48 hrs. Your watch movement is then fitted to the ultrasonically cleaned case and bracelet. If you have an old watch that doesn’t keep time properly, we can retrofit it with a Quartz movement.

  • Manual wind (Woman’s & Men’s) 350$
  • Manual Wind with Calendar 350$
  • Automatic Wind 375$
  • Quartz Analog 300$
  • Chronograph (starting) 450$
  • Movement Replacement 100$ – 200$


Case and Bracelet Refurbishment

We provide an excellent refurbishment service and use state of the art polishing and lapping equipment. Watches are brought back as close to factory finish as possible.

  • Case and Bracelet Refurbishment 150$ – 250$

Battery and Reseal

We use Renata only Swiss batteries and are guaranteed for 1 years. We also replace and reseal glass and back gaskets and pressure test your watch ensuring your watch is water tight.

  • Battery & Gasket 20$ – 50$

Crystal Replacement

Whether your watch has a mineral, sapphire or acrylic glass, we can replace it. We use official parts and replace your watch’s seals to ensure your watch is water resistant if applicable.

  • Crystal Replacement 40$ – 100$

Strap and Bracelet Replacement

The watch straps and bracelets are available in various materials (e.g. leather, stainless steel, synthetic etc.)

  • Band Replacement / Repair 30$ – 125$

Other Services

We also can resolder your broken or loose dial feet; change crowns; order special automatic watch winders; water and pressure test your watch; and many more services.

  • Resolder dial feet 70$
  • Crown replacement 40$ – 100$