Cartier Santos 100 – Cal. 8630 (Aka ETA 7753)

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Cartier Santos 100 – Cal. 8630 (Aka ETA 7753)


  1. I am looking for the calendar disk, it is missing!

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    • Hey Mario

      I see what you mean.
      A couple years ago, I had an accident, and since then, I take all precautions. I accidentally dropped a dial, and because of it, it created a chip on an edge of the dial. I ended up having to pay 600$ for a new Tag Heuer one. Since then, I have trays for each and every watch I do a CTR for, and in that tray, I keep separate small boxes. One for the dial, another for the date disk and another for the hands. That way, everything is separate, secure and protected.
      But, you can see in the last image, the day disk is indeed on 🙂

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