Tag Heuer – Chronometer – ETA 2892A2

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Tag Heuer – Chronometer – ETA 2892A2

I just recently received this Tag Heuer Chronometer watch that wasn’t working. My initial guess was that the mainspring was broken.

Watchtyme-Tag-Heuer-Chronometer-ETA2892A2_23_03_2016-01.JPG Watchtyme-Tag-Heuer-Chronometer-ETA2892A2_23_03_2016-02.JPG

Since I wasn’t exactly sure what was indeed wrong, I didn’t want to take the movement out of the case, and start removing everything to find out it was going to be an expensive repair due to parts being broken and whatnot. I knew that it wasn’t the balance pivots being broken, as that’s just a simple check.
I just removed the rotor and it’s accompanying bridge and quickly took the mainspring barrel out and removed the cover, and voila.

Watchtyme-Tag-Heuer-Chronometer-ETA2892A2_23_03_2016-03.JPG Watchtyme-Tag-Heuer-Chronometer-ETA2892A2_23_03_2016-04.JPG Watchtyme-Tag-Heuer-Chronometer-ETA2892A2_23_03_2016-05.JPG

Now that I know it was indeed the mainspring, I can now take the movement out, remove the dial and hands and start dismantling the movement for a cleaning.
I start off on the dial side, since I pretty much already removed everything on the bridge side.


Next, I take all the components of the rotor and bridge apart.


And, use my Bergeon bezel tool to remove the bezel, so I can give the case a proper cleaning as well. It sure looks like it needs one.

Watchtyme-Tag-Heuer-Chronometer-ETA2892A2_23_03_2016-08.JPG Watchtyme-Tag-Heuer-Chronometer-ETA2892A2_23_03_2016-09.JPG

And voila, all the parts cleaned and a new genuine ETA mainspring.


As per usual, I like to take care of all the parts that need treatment. The mainspring barrel walls get treated with Kluber P125 breaking grease, the reverser gear gets treated with Lubeta V105 treatment. We use Lubeta to make our lives easier. The reverser gears have a couple of pawls springs inside the actual gear and they need to be oiled. However, properly oiling them isn’t the easiest thing in the world. So, that is why this treatment exists. It’s basically a mix of Rubbing Alcohol and Moebius 9020 oil. Obviously, there are many different mixtures out there. With this treatment, we can just dip the reverser gear for a good 10 – 15 seconds and poof, you’re off to the races 🙂
Lastly, I treat the escape wheel, pallet jewels and balance cap stones in epilame.

Watchtyme-Tag-Heuer-Chronometer-ETA2892A2_23_03_2016-11.JPG Watchtyme-Tag-Heuer-Chronometer-ETA2892A2_23_03_2016-12.JPG

Since I didn’t take a lot of pictures dismantling the movement, I’ll share more putting everything back together 🙂
Sometimes, it’s easy to forget to take pictures. Anyway, it’s time to start putting everything back together. I start with installing the mainspring and the rest of the gear train.


Followed by installing all the parts on the barrel bridge.

Watchtyme-Tag-Heuer-Chronometer-ETA2892A2_23_03_2016-14.JPG Watchtyme-Tag-Heuer-Chronometer-ETA2892A2_23_03_2016-15.JPG

Then, I install that bridge as well as the gear train bridge and lastly the pallets.

Watchtyme-Tag-Heuer-Chronometer-ETA2892A2_23_03_2016-16.JPG Watchtyme-Tag-Heuer-Chronometer-ETA2892A2_23_03_2016-17.JPG

Finally, it’s time to turn the movement over and start working on the dial side. I start off with the keyless and motion works.


Then, time to start putting together the calendar works after.

Watchtyme-Tag-Heuer-Chronometer-ETA2892A2_23_03_2016-19.JPG Watchtyme-Tag-Heuer-Chronometer-ETA2892A2_23_03_2016-20.JPG

When I’m satisfied with testing the winding, the rapid date setting and changing the time. I move on to putting together the oscillating rotor and bridge.


Then, I put the movement on the timegrapher and it’s time to regulate the watch.


And, install the rotor.


Then, the final touches, I install the dial and the hands using my hands press.

Watchtyme-Tag-Heuer-Chronometer-ETA2892A2_23_03_2016-24.JPG Watchtyme-Tag-Heuer-Chronometer-ETA2892A2_23_03_2016-25.JPG

The case, case back, bezel and bezel click spring are freshly out of the ultrasonic machine and it’s time to put everything back together. I use Fomblin grease to treat the case back gasket, crown gaskets and bezel click spring.

Watchtyme-Tag-Heuer-Chronometer-ETA2892A2_23_03_2016-26.JPG Watchtyme-Tag-Heuer-Chronometer-ETA2892A2_23_03_2016-27.JPG

Finally, time to case it back up.

Watchtyme-Tag-Heuer-Chronometer-ETA2892A2_23_03_2016-28.JPG Watchtyme-Tag-Heuer-Chronometer-ETA2892A2_23_03_2016-29.JPG Watchtyme-Tag-Heuer-Chronometer-ETA2892A2_23_03_2016-30.JPG

Then, installing the bezel.

Watchtyme-Tag-Heuer-Chronometer-ETA2892A2_23_03_2016-31.JPG Watchtyme-Tag-Heuer-Chronometer-ETA2892A2_23_03_2016-32.JPG

And voila, that’s it.


I hope you enjoyed my latest post. As usual, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to comment below.



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