Breitling Crosswind – ETA 7750

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Breitling Crosswind – Cal. ETA 7750

Hey there,
today, I’ll be working on a Breitling Crosswind chronograph watch with an ETA 7750 movement. So, let’s get started 🙂

Watchtyme-Breitling-Crosswind-ETA7750_11_04_2016-01.JPG Watchtyme-Breitling-Crosswind-ETA7750_11_04_2016-02.JPG

I finally had to give in and get a Breitling case back opener set.


Just a quick pic with the case back off and exposing the 7750.


With the movement out of the case, it’s time to start removing the hands and dial so I can get started taking apart the movement.

Watchtyme-Breitling-Crosswind-ETA7750_11_04_2016-05.JPG Watchtyme-Breitling-Crosswind-ETA7750_11_04_2016-06.JPG

I use my Bergeon bezel tool to remove the bezel. Great tools, by the way.


With the bezel removed we can see this case needs a good cleaning and polishing.


The first thing I like to do is to remove the oscillating weight. Then, get started on the dial side.

Watchtyme-Breitling-Crosswind-ETA7750_11_04_2016-10.JPG Watchtyme-Breitling-Crosswind-ETA7750_11_04_2016-11.JPG Watchtyme-Breitling-Crosswind-ETA7750_11_04_2016-12.JPG

Next, I turn the movement over and get started on disassembling the chronograph.

Watchtyme-Breitling-Crosswind-ETA7750_11_04_2016-13.JPG Watchtyme-Breitling-Crosswind-ETA7750_11_04_2016-14.JPG

Getting there 🙂

Watchtyme-Breitling-Crosswind-ETA7750_11_04_2016-15.JPG Watchtyme-Breitling-Crosswind-ETA7750_11_04_2016-16.JPG

Again, I turn the movement over and continue disassembling the calendar and motion works.


One more time, I turn the movement over and remove the main bridge.


Seems like I didn’t take more pictures. But here, the movement has been cleaned and organized. By the way, the new package you see in this picture is a new oscillating weight bolt, as the rotor is loose.


As usual, I oil the mainspring, treat the escape wheel, pallets with epilame, and coat the inner barrel wall with Kluber P-125 breaking grease.


Here’s the new bolt. Having the right tools to do the job always makes things easier.

Watchtyme-Breitling-Crosswind-ETA7750_11_04_2016-21.JPG Watchtyme-Breitling-Crosswind-ETA7750_11_04_2016-22.JPG Watchtyme-Breitling-Crosswind-ETA7750_11_04_2016-23.JPG Watchtyme-Breitling-Crosswind-ETA7750_11_04_2016-24.JPG

Alrighty, time to start assembling everything. I start off with installing the gear train and barrel, as well as the balance hacking lever.


Then, I install the main bridge, pallets and pallet cock, ratchet and crown wheels.


I then turn the movement over and install the keyless works.


And again, I turn the movement over and get started on the chronograph components.

Watchtyme-Breitling-Crosswind-ETA7750_11_04_2016-29.JPG Watchtyme-Breitling-Crosswind-ETA7750_11_04_2016-30.JPG Watchtyme-Breitling-Crosswind-ETA7750_11_04_2016-31.JPG

Next, I install the oscillating weight bridge.

Watchtyme-Breitling-Crosswind-ETA7750_11_04_2016-32.JPG Watchtyme-Breitling-Crosswind-ETA7750_11_04_2016-33.JPG

And one more time again, I turn the movement over and get started on the motion and calendar works.

Watchtyme-Breitling-Crosswind-ETA7750_11_04_2016-34.JPG Watchtyme-Breitling-Crosswind-ETA7750_11_04_2016-35.JPG

Followed by the calendar disc.


And dial and hands.


Then, I install the movement into the case and close it up.

Watchtyme-Breitling-Crosswind-ETA7750_11_04_2016-37.JPG Watchtyme-Breitling-Crosswind-ETA7750_11_04_2016-38.JPG

Watchtyme-Breitling-Crosswind-ETA7750_11_04_2016-39.JPG Watchtyme-Breitling-Crosswind-ETA7750_11_04_2016-40.JPG Watchtyme-Breitling-Crosswind-ETA7750_11_04_2016-41.JPG Watchtyme-Breitling-Crosswind-ETA7750_11_04_2016-42.JPG

Well, that was fun. Thank you for taking a look at my most recent job.



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