Eterna-Matic 1000 – Cal. 1479K

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Eterna-Matic 1000 – Cal. 1479K

Watchtyme-Eterna-Matic_1000_Cal1479K_04_06_2016-01.JPG Watchtyme-Eterna-Matic_1000_Cal1479K_04_06_2016-02.JPG Watchtyme-Eterna-Matic_1000_Cal1479K_04_06_2016-03.JPG Watchtyme-Eterna-Matic_1000_Cal1479K_04_06_2016-04.JPG Watchtyme-Eterna-Matic_1000_Cal1479K_04_06_2016-05.JPG Watchtyme-Eterna-Matic_1000_Cal1479K_04_06_2016-06.JPG Watchtyme-Eterna-Matic_1000_Cal1479K_04_06_2016-07.JPG Watchtyme-Eterna-Matic_1000_Cal1479K_04_06_2016-08.JPG Watchtyme-Eterna-Matic_1000_Cal1479K_04_06_2016-09.JPG Watchtyme-Eterna-Matic_1000_Cal1479K_04_06_2016-10.JPG Watchtyme-Eterna-Matic_1000_Cal1479K_04_06_2016-11.JPG Watchtyme-Eterna-Matic_1000_Cal1479K_04_06_2016-12.JPG Watchtyme-Eterna-Matic_1000_Cal1479K_04_06_2016-13.JPG Watchtyme-Eterna-Matic_1000_Cal1479K_04_06_2016-14.JPG Watchtyme-Eterna-Matic_1000_Cal1479K_04_06_2016-15.JPG Watchtyme-Eterna-Matic_1000_Cal1479K_04_06_2016-16.JPG Watchtyme-Eterna-Matic_1000_Cal1479K_04_06_2016-17.JPG Watchtyme-Eterna-Matic_1000_Cal1479K_04_06_2016-18.JPG Watchtyme-Eterna-Matic_1000_Cal1479K_04_06_2016-19.JPG


  1. One of my favorite brand name, very fine watches.

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    • Indeed, they are very fine watches. The customer wanted to change the crystal, I suggested to
      polish it out, because getting original crystals with the stamp in the middle is almost next
      to impossible to get.

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  2. Hi Chris,

    I just want to thank you again for the superb work you did with my Father’s watch, that he originally received in 1972. He gave it to me in 2006 and I wore it daily until the end of 2015, when it stopped.

    The watch now looks like new and runs like new and I am very proud to wear it! You are a genuine craftsman and the talent and passion for the work you do, is clear to see in the results you achieve and in the photographs you take, as you rebuild the watches. A perfectionist. Thank you Chris. I will be back!!


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    • Hey Jan

      thank you so much for your kind words.
      Just don’t wait another 9 years to have your watch cleaned 🙂


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