Eterna Windrose – ETA 2824-2

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Eterna Windrose – ETA 2824-2

Recently, Andrea dropped off his Eterna watch. The date was stuck between two dates and overall, the movement needed an overhaul.
I have absolutely no idea which Eterna model this watch is. On the oscillating weight, it says Windrose. However, Google is giving me no results for that. So, if there is anyone out there that know’s the model name, I would greatly appreciate it.

Just a few pictures of the front and back.

Watchtyme-Eterna-Windrose-ETA2824_02_03_2016-01.JPG Watchtyme-Eterna-Windrose-ETA2824_02_03_2016-02.JPG Watchtyme-Eterna-Windrose-ETA2824_02_03_2016-03.JPG

As you can see from these first pictures, there is a pusher above the crown, and that’s for latch release to open up the hinged case back.

Watchtyme-Eterna-Windrose-ETA2824_02_03_2016-04.JPG Watchtyme-Eterna-Windrose-ETA2824_02_03_2016-05.JPG Watchtyme-Eterna-Windrose-ETA2824_02_03_2016-06.JPG

This case sure could use a good ultrasonic bath πŸ™‚

Watchtyme-Eterna-Windrose-ETA2824_02_03_2016-07.JPG Watchtyme-Eterna-Windrose-ETA2824_02_03_2016-08.JPG

Initially, I thought the bezel was permanent. I tried several times trying to turn it, but nothing. Only until I was dismantling the case, did I realize there is actually a clickable bezel.


Alright, time to concentrate on the movement. Here’s the dial side with the hands and dial removed.


Then, it’s time to turn the movement over to the bridge side, mount it on my movement holder and start removing the parts.

Watchtyme-Eterna-Windrose-ETA2824_02_03_2016-11.JPG Watchtyme-Eterna-Windrose-ETA2824_02_03_2016-12.JPG

Getting there


With the completely disassembled movement in the watch cleaning machine, it’s time to pay attention the case work. That’s much better πŸ™‚


Now that the movement is out of my cleaning machine, it’s time to start putting everything back together.


As always, I like to start off with applying breaking grease to the mainspring barrel, along with treating the escape wheel and pallets with epilame and treating the reversing gears with Lubeta treatment. And last but not least, inserting a new mainspring into the barrel.

Watchtyme-Eterna-Windrose-ETA2824_02_03_2016-16.JPG Watchtyme-Eterna-Windrose-ETA2824_02_03_2016-17.JPG

With that out of the way, it’s time to start assembly. I begin with the bridge side and install the barrel, followed by the train works and balance hacking lever.


With all the wheels in place, it’s time to install both the barrel and train bridges. When I’m satisfied they are located and screwed down properly, I install the ratchet and crown wheel along with the click spring. Followed by installing the pallets and pallet cock.

Watchtyme-Eterna-Windrose-ETA2824_02_03_2016-19.JPG Watchtyme-Eterna-Windrose-ETA2824_02_03_2016-20.JPG

Then, it’s time to turn the movement over and start installing the keyless works.


After that, I again turn the movement over, install the balance cock and let the watch run for at least a half hour so that the epilame wears off before I apply 9415 grease to the pallets. And while waiting, I assemble the automatic bridge.


Normally, after letting the watch run for some time, I then take off the balance bridge, grease the pallets like I mentioned above. Re-install the balance cock and oil the upper and lower cap jewels and then regulate the movement for perfect timing. However, just for kicks, I wanted to share with you how oiling the cap jewels and pallets stones makes a huge difference to the amplitude, beat error and rate. The first image is with all the pivots oiled with their proper oils, but, without the cap jewels and pallet stones lubricated.


Not looking great eh!
Now, with the cap jewels oiled, look at the small difference.


Then, for the grand finale, the pallets oiled with 9415. Huge difference, isn’t it πŸ™‚


With the movement cleaned, lubricated and regulated for perfect timing, it’s time to turn the movement over, finish the calendar works and install the dial.

Watchtyme-Eterna-Windrose-ETA2824_02_03_2016-26.JPG Watchtyme-Eterna-Windrose-ETA2824_02_03_2016-27.JPG

Then, install the hands

Watchtyme-Eterna-Windrose-ETA2824_02_03_2016-28.JPG Watchtyme-Eterna-Windrose-ETA2824_02_03_2016-29.JPG

And, last but not least, reinstall the movement into the very clean case πŸ™‚

Watchtyme-Eterna-Windrose-ETA2824_02_03_2016-30.JPG Watchtyme-Eterna-Windrose-ETA2824_02_03_2016-31.JPG



And, the front


Well, my job is done for this watch. I hope you enjoyed reading and viewing the pics for this Eterna watch.




  1. Hello Chris! Very interresting this Eterna-matic. I love those watches since i beging my career at Birks. I still have somes friends at Birks, i will ask for information about this watch.

    P.S.: if possible, please bring your tool for installing hands next time you come to see me.

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    • Hey Mario

      I agree. I’ve never seen an Eterna like this before either.
      Thank you, I’d appreciate that.

      P.s. πŸ™‚ , yes, I’ll bring it with me next time I come.

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  2. I am the happy owner of the watch!
    Here is Eterna’s answer to the question on what model is that:

    That’s a Tradema (Italy) model 0602.20.18, which was produced under licence of Tradema for Italy in 1996

    I cannot find anything on the web though.

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