Omega Dynamic – Cal. 1108

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Omega Dynamic – Cal. 1108

This absolutely gorgeous watch given to me last week to be cleaned. There’s nothing to not like. Beautiful matte black finish dial, stunning font and just a really simple classic look. When I look at a watch, I want to see the time, and I don’t want to look through the clutter to get there, with this watch, you get exactly that. But hey, I’m a watch repairer, not a watch critic, so, let’s get this beauty cleaned up 🙂

Watchtyme-Omega-Dynamic-Cal1108_31_03_2016-01.JPG Watchtyme-Omega-Dynamic-Cal1108_31_03_2016-02.JPG

Even the back is so clean.


With a dust cover.


Just a quick look at the back reveals an Omega 1108, aka ETA 2892A2.


Just to get an idea what I’m dealing with. Not horrible, not great.


With the movement out of the case, it’s time to strip it down and clean it up.


In between the last picture and this one, my doorbell rung. It was the mailman delivering me some toys. Included, was a box of some new Horotec black matte work mats. In school, some work benches had some. Unfortunately, I was not one of those students who had the luxury of working on them. So, I made it a priority to get myself some. And, I must admit, so far, I’m liking it….very much 🙂

Watchtyme-Omega-Dynamic-Cal1108_31_03_2016-08.JPG Watchtyme-Omega-Dynamic-Cal1108_31_03_2016-09.JPG

With the dial off, you can see some more of that great font Omega used for date wheel on the Dynamic series.


It’s time to turn the movement over to the bridge side and remove the automatic oscillating weight and it’s bridge.

Watchtyme-Omega-Dynamic-Cal1108_31_03_2016-11.JPG Watchtyme-Omega-Dynamic-Cal1108_31_03_2016-12.JPG

Next, I remove the balance cock and pallets. I’m going to have to play around with the White balance on my camera now to get use to the black background compared to the white background.

Watchtyme-Omega-Dynamic-Cal1108_31_03_2016-14.JPG Watchtyme-Omega-Dynamic-Cal1108_31_03_2016-15.JPG

Next, I turn the movement over and disassemble the keyless and motion works.


With the movement completely stripped down, I pass it through the cleaning machine and organize everything to get started.


As per usual, before I start, I like to take care of business and apply Kluber 125 breaking grease to the barrel walls, clean the mainspring further by wiping it down with one-dip, treating the reverser gear with Lubeta V105 and treating the cap jewels, pallets and escape wheel with epilame.


The Cal. 1108 or ETA 2892A2 mainspring is a special size mainspring with a tighter arbor end which can be easily stretched using the improper Bergeon winder, so, it’s better to use a 2892 specific winder. Oh, the wonder of buying more and more tools 🙂


Having done the above, it’s time to start assembling all the parts. I start with the intermediate wheel and then barrel on the main plate.


Next, I populate the barrel bridge with the ratchet and crown wheel and click spring before screwing it down. (Sorry for the blurred image 🙁 )


After placing the barrel bridge, I install all the gear train wheels…..the escape wheel, second and third wheels.


Then, the pallets and the pallet cock.


Followed by turning the movement over and putting together the keyless and motion works.


Then the calendar works and date wheel.


I’d say that’s an improvement.


Having regulated the movement, it’s time to put on the oscillating weight.


And then, install the dial and hands

Watchtyme-Omega-Dynamic-Cal1108_31_03_2016-28.JPG Watchtyme-Omega-Dynamic-Cal1108_31_03_2016-29.JPG

And finally, treat the case back gasket and crown gaskets with some Fomblin grease.


Voila, done!


I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.




  1. I like the style of the arabics numbers of the dial and on the date disk too. Nice big hands very lisible. This watch is build to last 100 years!

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    • I completely agree. I love this watch.
      I admit, I’m a fan of Seiko’s for this. Out of all the watches I have worked on, I always
      find Seiko’s make some of the nicest dials. And, close up, the finish on this dial is so
      clean and so easy to read.

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  2. Gorgeous watch. Nothing like the dial on an Omega.

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  3. Excellent post. I have a Dynamic and it was really interesting to see the watch completely taken apart.

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  4. Excelente, muchas gracias por mostrarnos tu artesanía que nos
    Gusta tanto. Tengo uno exactamente
    Igual, OMEGA es mi marca favorita
    Lo disfruté mucho✌

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