Oris – Frank Sinatra

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Oris – Frank Sinatra – ETA 2824-2

Sebastien dropped off this Oris and his Baume & Mercier a couple weeks ago, both needing some attention.
The Baume’s start / stop chronograph pusher was loose and while popping open the hood I noticed it was probably due for a cleaning. This Oris, however, hasn’t been cleaned since he has owned it, which apparently is about 7 or 8 years. Time to order open up my drawer and get some mainsprings πŸ™‚

I admit, I’m a fan of clean looking watches. When I look at a watch, I want to see the time immediately and not have to find the hour and minute hands. Also, fonts in my opinion can make or break a watch. And, this Oris really passes the test.

Watchtyme-Oris-Frank-Sinatra-ETA2824_12_02_2016-02.JPG Watchtyme-Oris-Frank-Sinatra-ETA2824_12_02_2016-03.JPG

Anyway,let’s get down to business and get our hands dirty πŸ™‚

I’m a watch repairer, and I get all kinds of watches on my desk each and every day. One thing I really appreciate in a watch is KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). And this Oris get’s it. Sometimes companies try too hard to be original or different or stylish. What I’m talking about here, is the screws to remove the bracelet. A lot of companies use screws, but, you need 4 hands to remove it. For example, more often than not, when companies use screws to remove the bracelet, you need to hold a screwdriver to unscrew and another screwdriver in the other hand to hold it so it doesn’t turn. REALLY! With this Oris, there is an independent screw on each side. Unscrew and poof, done. Thank you Oris. And, thank you for using not such flimsy screws either πŸ™‚


Watchmakers have fun too πŸ™‚


Looking a wee bit dirty.


I have never seen this before, when removing the bracelet, the sides of the watch come apart. Interesting.

Watchtyme-Oris-Frank-Sinatra-ETA2824_12_02_2016-06.JPG Watchtyme-Oris-Frank-Sinatra-ETA2824_12_02_2016-07.JPG

Before I dig in,


A quick look at the dial side of the movement, in this case, and ETA 2824-2.


Back on the bridge side of the movement, I remove the Oscillating weight and bridge.

Watchtyme-Oris-Frank-Sinatra-ETA2824_12_02_2016-10.JPG Watchtyme-Oris-Frank-Sinatra-ETA2824_12_02_2016-11.JPG

Then, I remove the balance, pallets, mainspring and train bridges.


With all the parts removed, it’s time to put everything into the cleaning basket to put into my watch cleaning machine.

Watchtyme-Oris-Frank-Sinatra-ETA2824_12_02_2016-13.JPG Watchtyme-Oris-Frank-Sinatra-ETA2824_12_02_2016-14.JPG

Cleaning, organized and looking good πŸ™‚


First, I put some breaking grease with some P125 grease and put in the new mainspring.


Then, it’s time to epilame the escape wheel and pallet stones as well as treat the reverser gears with some Lubeta.


Next, I install the mainspring barrel and the geartrain, followed by installing their respective bridges.

Watchtyme-Oris-Frank-Sinatra-ETA2824_12_02_2016-18.JPG Watchtyme-Oris-Frank-Sinatra-ETA2824_12_02_2016-19.JPG

Here, I install click, ratchet and crown wheel.


I turn the movement over to the dial side and install the keyless works.


Again, turning the movement over, I install the balance and let it run for approximately 30 minutes to let the epilame wear off on the pallets. While waiting, I oil all the pivots and balance end-stones. After doing that, I remove the balance, and apply some special oil specifically made for the pallets. Then, I regulate the movement so it’s keeping perfect time in 6 positions.

Watchtyme-Oris-Frank-Sinatra-ETA2824_12_02_2016-22.JPG Watchtyme-Oris-Frank-Sinatra-ETA2824_12_02_2016-23.JPG

When I’m happy with that, it’s time to put on the oscillating bridge.


And, then turning the movement over for the last time, I need to finish up by installing the date wheel and making sure the rapid date changer works properly.

Watchtyme-Oris-Frank-Sinatra-ETA2824_12_02_2016-25.JPG Watchtyme-Oris-Frank-Sinatra-ETA2824_12_02_2016-26.JPG Watchtyme-Oris-Frank-Sinatra-ETA2824_12_02_2016-27.JPG

Then, of course the dial followed by the hands.

Watchtyme-Oris-Frank-Sinatra-ETA2824_12_02_2016-28.JPG Watchtyme-Oris-Frank-Sinatra-ETA2824_12_02_2016-29.JPG Watchtyme-Oris-Frank-Sinatra-ETA2824_12_02_2016-30.JPG

Finally, casing the movement.


And, last but not least, a couple of show off pictures πŸ™‚

I hope you enjoyed my latest version of servicing this watch. If you have any comments and / or questions, please do not hesitate to leave a message below.



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