Raketa Big Zero

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Raketa ‘Big Zero’

A full watch repair service of a Raketa ‘Big Zero’ watch with an winding mechanical movement. Soon, I will have a more in depth description of the history of Raketa and the work that I carried out on this particular watch.

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  1. Hi there! Great work! I have this very watch and trying to access the dial to regulate the hands. Any suggestions on how to open the glass? Thanks!

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    • Hi
      what do you mean, regulate the hands? Do you mean to regulate the movement? Or, you just want to take the hands off and reset them? If I remember correctly, you can remove the crystal/bezel on this watch. Look on the side, see if you see a notch, or something you can stick a knife in. If I may suggest, get a clear plastic baggy or something that you can stick between your knife and case, so as not to scratch the case. Pry it open gently, and voila.
      Now, if you want to take the hands off, please put the same clear plastic baggy on top, and use 2 small screwdrivers or something small that you can use to pry off the hands. Don’t pry to hard, otherwise you can easily bend the hands.
      Hope that helps.
      Cheers 🙂

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