Rolex Submariner – Cal. 3000

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Rolex Submariner – Cal. 3000

Hi there and welcome to my newest post.
I received this beauty a couple weeks ago, and it’s time to start getting to it.
It’s a Rolex Submariner with no date and Cal. 3000 automatic movement. It’s sort of a project watch. I had to install a new crystal retaining ring, crystal and crystal gasket.

So, let’s get started!


With the case back off, it’s time to start removing the movement out of the case.


And, here’s the movement out of the case.


With the hands and dial removed, here’s the dial side of the movement.


Next, I turn the movement over and start disassembling the the rotor and oscillating weight bridge.

Watchtyme-Rolex-Submariner-Cal3000_11_04_2016-05.JPG Watchtyme-Rolex-Submariner-Cal3000_11_04_2016-06.JPG

As always, for safety reasons, I remove the balance and pallets.


Again, I turn the movement over and start disassembling the keyless and motion works.


Once again, I turn the movement over, and start to remove the gear train bridge.

Watchtyme-Rolex-Submariner-Cal3000_11_04_2016-09.JPG Watchtyme-Rolex-Submariner-Cal3000_11_04_2016-10.JPG

Seems like I forgot to take some pictures πŸ™
But, here’s a few of the questionable work done on luming the hands in the past πŸ™

Watchtyme-Rolex-Submariner-Cal3000_11_04_2016-11.JPG Watchtyme-Rolex-Submariner-Cal3000_11_04_2016-12.JPG Watchtyme-Rolex-Submariner-Cal3000_11_04_2016-13.JPG

Here’s a pic of all the parts disassembled.


Here’s the new crystal retaining ring. The lip where the bezel click spring is suppose to sit was left undone. So, this is something that I will also have to work on.

Watchtyme-Rolex-Submariner-Cal3000_11_04_2016-15.JPG Watchtyme-Rolex-Submariner-Cal3000_11_04_2016-16.JPG

With all the parts cleaned, I organize everything and get started.


Using the right tools really makes a huge difference. This is the mainspring tool I will be using to wind the mainspring so I can properly insert it into the barrel.


Next, I do the regular chores of treating the reversers, escape wheel and pallets with epilame and finally coat the inner wall of the barrel with breaking grease.


That looks much cleaner πŸ™‚


Alright, time to start installing everything.


Followed by installing the respective bridges.


Then, I install the ratchet wheel and click and click spring.


I turn the movement over and get started on the motion works. But, the setting lever jumper is a wee bit rusted. I’ll try and remove most of that with a fiber brush.


Next, I install the balance and regulate the movement.

Watchtyme-Rolex-Submariner-Cal3000_11_04_2016-25.JPG Watchtyme-Rolex-Submariner-Cal3000_11_04_2016-26.JPG Watchtyme-Rolex-Submariner-Cal3000_11_04_2016-27.JPG

After being satisfied with regulating the movement, it’s time to install the automatic bridge and all it’s components.

Watchtyme-Rolex-Submariner-Cal3000_11_04_2016-28.JPG Watchtyme-Rolex-Submariner-Cal3000_11_04_2016-29.JPG

Finally, it’s time to case the movement and put it all together.

Watchtyme-Rolex-Submariner-Cal3000_11_04_2016-30.JPG Watchtyme-Rolex-Submariner-Cal3000_11_04_2016-31.JPG

Well, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed my latest repair.


Chris Marcellin

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